With JAPANESE BODY THERAPY, the pain and numbness of the body are surprisingly improved.

JAPANESE BODY THERAPY that knows joints, pelvis, and muscles has arrived at “techniques for trimming”. For everyone who wants to get a beautiful body quickly!

Root care for pain! Pelvis • Posture skeletal adjustment.

The PIM Balance® theory of JAPANESE BODY THERAPY was established from the results of 100,000 people. The balance of the pelvis (Pelvis) and the inner and outer muscles that support the pelvis is adjusted using various techniques. Let’s aim for a body that is less likely to feel fatigue and pain with JAPANESE BODY THERAPY’s manipulative and pelvic adjustment (PIM Balance®) course.

Flow of Bodywork Therapy


②Assessment of Body Movement and Posture

③Explaining the treatment while examining the posture

④Identifying the cause of body pain, numbness, and dullness, and correcting pelvic correction and posture.

⑤Japanese massage, Shiatsu massage

⑥EMS (to strengthen the important inner muscles that support the pelvis)

⑦Comparison of body movement and posture examination between the initial session and subsequent sessions.

⑧Explanation of future treatments

We will take photos once every five sessions to show you the changes in your body.

For those who are struggling with the following issues

Please try our clinic’s Japanese massage, pelvic correction, and trigger point massage/acupressure

Neck / shoulder / lower back

Pain in the knee

Fatigue and tiredness
Tired legs, / swelling of the legs

Eye fatigue / blurred vision

Headache, heaviness in the head

Want a more slender face

Pelvic misalignment / poor posture

Heavy arms, swollen hands
Postpartum body changes / pelvic misalignment
protruding belly /difficulty in losing weight
Shallow sleep/insomnia
Abdominal bloating / skin concerns

Sagging buttocks

Bow legs, knock knees, and X-shaped legs

Stress / irritability

Our skilled practitioners provide Japanese massage, pelvic correction, and trigger point shiatsu massage to address and resolve your concerns at their root cause.

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